Thousand Dollar Paper Weight (Demo)

by Volachild

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released September 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Volachild Florida

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Track Name: Edi Wore A Back Flag
When I was just a boy
I prayed for a hero,
but no
So I made
a cape of my own
to hide my name,
and make my actions known.

...but I tell you son,
it's not the cape
that makes
the hero;
It's his cause.
Do what it takes
to save
the world
from evil..
Just don't tell mom.
Track Name: The Letter A

If this
was different
I'd walk away,
but under these circumstances
you better
leave me the hell alone.

I wear an 'A' about my neck
to display: I could care less
of the judgment of my peers
for my will is much revered.
I am frank to clear my conscious
cause I fight for my own causes.
My gun and I are one and I'm armed with grit,
and knowledge.

When I pick myself up
I put my best foot forward,
and the other (and the other)
up the ass of anyone in my way.
Track Name: Horse Shit
(One! Two!)

Here's to what's left of humanity.
I call it the last glimpse of a wholesome breed.
I say, "Help me."
Please (Please help me)
Help (Save all these)
Me (Stupid Kids from themselves!)

You see these kids in their skimpy clothes
just marching about the streets like they're cheap-ass hoes
and I'm like, "Hell no."
Oh (Oh hell no)
Hell (You damn hoes)
No (I feel so bad for your dads!)

Guys treat girls like jerks just feel like they're men
but they are just cocky pigs with human arms and legs
and we say, "Fuck them."
All (I'm not your)
Of (Bro, asshole.)
Them (If I was Santa you'd get coal!)

Morality will have its day
but 'till then I need your help to make an end
to all this Horse Shit.
This (It's horse shit.)
Horse (All of it.)
Shit (It's horse shit. All of it!)